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Imagination Graphics expands into new markets with new Konica Minolta digital printers


Imagination Graphics is a professional trade printing company based in Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner west. The business provides web design, graphic design, print, and pre-press services to help customers maximise the value of their promotional material. Imagination Graphics focuses on delivering high quality outcomes for a reasonable price to trade and retail commercial customers. 

The challenge 

Imagination Graphics had recently acquired two new businesses and was expanding rapidly. The business was so busy it needed to purchase new premises and equipment. Imagination Graphics has built its reputation on quality, so it needed to ensure that any new equipment would continue to enhance that strong reputation. 

Imagination Graphics also wanted to expand its services to include short-run landscape books, envelopes, business cards, and point of sale material as well as book covers. 

Emmanuel Buhagiar, director, Imagination Graphics, said, “We wanted to take Imagination Graphics into new markets and demonstrate a high quality of work. There were specific requirements our customers were asking for that we couldn’t deliver, such as thicker boards, long sheets, tight registrations, and so on. 

“Furthermore, we knew there was an opportunity to use digital print jobs to prove the quality, then attract customers to higher-run, offset jobs. People come to us for 500 digital books, for example, then come back again when they need to do 5,000. We knew that having a high quality digital printer would potentially double our workload.” 

The solution 

When Imagination Graphics first explored digital printing nine years ago, it chose Konica Minolta due to the superior print quality. When it was time to add a second press, Konica Minolta again turned out to offer the best quality. So, it was no surprise that Konica Minolta came out on top again when Imagination Graphics needed to upgrade to the latest model presses. 

Imagination Graphics tested and selected the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6100 and C1085 based on their speed and registration. After two demonstrations, Imagination Graphics was convinced these were the right printers for the business, making the company the first in New South Wales to install the C6100. 

Emmanuel Buhagiar said, “Imagination Graphics is a quality printing company. We tested the Konica Minolta printers in terms of the vignettes and fine lines they could produce, and they were better than the alternatives. 

“The new models also had an excellent camera for registration. They printed in beautiful colour and long-sheet printing was fast. These technical capabilities influenced our decision to start with. Then we realised that Konica Minolta’s service model would be the key to our continued success. 

“In the printing industry, especially digital print, it’s the service backup that’s most important. Knowing we can request a service technician to service and maintain the printers is crucial. The Konica Minolta team can replace parts if necessary in as little as four hours, and usually within 24 hours. That high level of support is the biggest thing that keeps us going.” 

The benefits 

Imagination Graphics has now successfully expanded its services to meet more of its customers’ needs. The business can print on stock up to 400gsm and can tweak colours as needed to make them look spot on. Colour and speed are outstanding, opening up new opportunities for Imagination Graphics. 

Emmanuel Buhagiar said, “Having the digital market opens up the offset market too. Being able to do those smaller jobs is essential; we get the little jobs and then we can quote on big four-colour jobs because customers are comfortable with the quality Imagination Graphics can deliver. 

“We’ve become trusted for quality. This is due to the Konica Minolta printers’ exceptional output. Without it, there’s no way we’d get the larger offset projects and there’s no way we’d be as successful as we are today. Having the digital machines in-house has doubled or even tripled our workload, which is exactly what we planned for.” 

The Konica Minolta solution provides value for money and outstanding service for Imagination Graphics. 

Emmanuel Buhagiar said, “Konica Minolta will bend over backwards to help with technical problems or account questions. The team has been very easy to deal with, which is a big help to us. Imagination Graphics looks to make life easier for our customers, and Konica Minolta makes life easy for us. “We specifically bought these machines to go into new markets and they’ve delivered. The markets are growing and we’re very busy. Furthermore, Konica Minolta is innovative. After seeing the company’s bigger machines and inkjet machines at a trade show, we’re planning to purchase one in a year or two if we can continue to grow at the same pace.” 

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