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Agfa launches Adamas eco-friendly printing plate


Set for release later this Spring, Agfa Graphics’ new Adamas printing plate “brings robustness to a whole new level and offers every benefit of chemistry-free solutions,” said the OEM. Characterising it as “the most durable chemistry-free plate available on the market,” Adamas boosts efficiency, both in plate throughput as well as in run length, with optimal press performance, no water and up to 75% less waste compared to similar products. To maximize performance, the highly sensitive plate was designed for use with Agfa Graphics’ dedicated Adamas clean-out units. Due to their eco-driven design, they can be simply cleaned with pH-neutral clean-out solution and require no water.

“When we designed Adamas, we kept every need of the most advanced commercial printers in mind. The result shows innovation on all fronts – increased durability, enhanced performance and responses to the biggest market trends, such as low-power curing inks,” said Iris Bogunovic, Agfa Product Manager for Thermal Plates. “Adamas is a testament to our ECO3 sustainable innovation drivers, which bring ecology, economy and extra convenience to our customers. With Adamas, commercial printers enjoy every advantage of chem-free printing, combined with new ThermoLink, technology that takes press performance and process efficiency to new heights.” Agfa Graphics’ patented ThermoLink technology is at the heart of Adamas, and can accommodate run lengths up to 350,000 copies. The technology slao contributes to chemical and mechanical robustness and optimum plate performance. Applications can include commercial sheetfed and cold-set, to heat-set printing. The new plate is also compatible with low-power curing UV inks.

By Tony Curico
Graphic Arts Magazine

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