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Women working together in packaging


The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has devised a mentoring program especially for women involved in the Australian, New Zealand and Asian packaging industries. Registrations are now open for the 2018 AIP Influential Women Mentoring Program for Australasia.

This is new and improved program will use Gallup Strengths to discover each individual’s talents and how best to increase performance, productivity and passion at work.

The AIP Influential Women Mentoring Program is suitable for all women wanting to increase their conviction, make an impact and unlock their leadership potential.

This program isn’t about being perfect — it’s about making progress and growing everyone in their careers. It is about knowing which levers to adjust to be influential and learning along the way.

The program uses the latest technology so no matter where you are located you will be connected to women in the packaging industry.

Learning outcomes — each participant will:

  • develop their talents and find a leadership style that is authentic to them;
  • surround themselves with a tribe of like-minded people wanting to amplify influence;
  • have the right mindset for amplifying influence and regulating limiting self-talk;
  • get clear on their values and how they impact decision-making, relationships and the ability to get things done;
  • position themselves as a leader in the industry that has influence and impact;
  • improve their presence and ability to gain the buy-in of peers, leaders and stakeholders;
  • diversify their networks and sure up their ability to ‘futureproof’ their career;
  • have the confidence to speak up at the table and be heard.

The AIP Influential Women Mentoring Program commences in February 2018 and early bird registrations close 29 November.

By FoodProcessing Staff

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