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Needing to fill Knowledge Gaps? Need a Broad Introduction to Packaging?


In today’s challenging packaging environment, you can’t afford to make mistakes or overlook the critical details that cost precious time and money. You need the knowledge—from materials properties and selection to transport packaging issues—that can help you make better decisions regarding your company’s packaging dollars—now.

The Institute of Packaging Professionals’ Fundamentals of Packaging Technology is now available to the packaging industry in Australasia exclusively through the Australian Institute of Packaging’s partnership with IoPP—respected for decades as the trusted authority for continuing packaging education in the USA.

Fundamentals of Packaging Technology on-line is set up for the convenience of busy working professionals, and the training platform is functionally intuitive. Complete your training when your time allows, and at your own pace. Wherever you are, the course goes with you!

Fundamentals of Packaging Technology on-line course content is developed by IoPP in consultation with packaging subject matter experts at leading global consumer packaged goods companies who face packaging challenges just like yours.

Take the complete course and learn about all the major segments of packaging—and beyond. Or customise your training by selecting from 12 lesson bundles organised by topic, or from single lessons as short as 30 minutes. Fundamentals on-line spans 42 modules and 27 hours of content that is recognised for its quality by the World Packaging Organisation.

To find out more, visit http://aipack.com.au/ or email educate@aipack.com.au

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