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Outback Brewery’s multi-channel campaign is a bottler

Outback Brewery was able to reinforce their brand identity

A VoPP case study shows how Outback Brewery, an independent microbrewery in Sydney, grew direct-to-consumer sales through their website as well as increased brand awareness of their boutique beers thanks to a multi-channel campaign utilising personalised URLs and direct mail.

Outback Brewery created 5,000 personalised postcards that were sent to select consumers that had a specific lifestyle, age, income and propensity to spend. Postcard recipients were asked to “name the lizard” on the beer’s logo and submit their answer to a personalised URL. Recipients were incentivised to participate by a chance to win free beer for a year, $10 off a mixed case of beer via their new online shop and a free bottle opener. Participants were brought to a personalised landing page that was an extension of the branding found on the postcard, maintaining the continuity and connection with the brand both offline and online.

The campaign proved to be a huge success for the company, increasing consumer engagement and driving sales. Outback Brewery received over 120 online orders and more than 2,300 unique web visitors. A 10% response rate was achieved within 72 hours, growing to 20% within two weeks and eventually reaching 33%.

Outback Brewery was able to reinforce their brand identity and stand out from the competition by adopting a personalised and colourful direct mail campaign. The personalised mail was able to capture attention and drive traffic to Outback Brewery’s online platform where recipients could enter the competition and make purchases. Direct mail was vital in this campaign, and exemplifies how it can be used as part of a multi-channel campaign to engage consumers and drive sales.

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