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Konica Minolta selected for Government’s MOMs panel

Richard Ashley, general manager – government, education and managed services, Konica Minolta

The Australian Government has appointed Konica Minolta to its new Major Office Machines (MOMs) panel, which aims to provide more competitive purchase, lease and maintenance costs on office equipment for all government departments and agencies. 

The new panel, which replaces the current Equipment and Support and Managed Print Services Panels, has been appointed for the next four years, with an option to extend for a further two years. As part of the agreement, Konica Minolta will supply network printers, multifunction devices (MFDs), dedicated high-speed scanners, complementary software solutions and a comprehensive range of support services. 

The panel also forms one of the strands of the Commonwealth Government’s ‘Digital Continuity 2020’ policy, which encourages all government agencies to digitally transform their records and business processes by 2020.   

Richard Ashley, general manager – government, education and managed services, Konica Minolta, said, “Konica Minolta’s success in being selected as one of the representatives on the new MOMs panel was supported by its proven performance to deliver and support print solutions and services to the Commonwealth Government and its ability to adapt to the government’s changing requirements, including support of the government’s digitisation and sustainability objectives. 

“Across Australia, at every level of government, agencies are preparing to meet new challenges; seeking cost reductions, improving productivity and maximising efficiency, while simultaneously considering data security, privacy and environmental responsibility. To meet these challenges, the government must adopt a ‘digital-first’ approach and recognise that business process changes are required now to achieve the aims set out in its ‘Digital Continuity 2020’ policy.” 

Konica Minolta is uniquely positioned to assist in this change to document management and rapid digitisation, not only through the products and services available under the new MOMs panel, but also more broadly through the wide range of services from content and document management solutions to web experience management that are directly relevant to the government’s digitisation objectives. Konica Minolta has more than 20 years’ experience providing solutions to government agencies. 

Ashley said, “Konica Minolta leads the way in integrated, networked hardware and software solutions. To help meet the ever-increasing challenges of the digital environment, we constantly add new products and services, as well as further refine our existing offerings, so we are ideally placed to support the Federal Government in its digitisation transformation goals.” 

“Further, Konica Minolta is internationally renowned for its consideration towards the environment and society. The company’s devices and business processes are designed to lessen the impact on environment and the societies in which we operate, which aligns with what government agencies across Australia are trying to achieve.”

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