Headland Machinery Pty Ltd

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: 1300592061
Established in 1949, Headland is a strong family business that understands the benefits of innovative machine technology and has an enduring commitment to technical service and support.
Headland operates under the direction of the Kloe family. Headland and the Kloe family have a proud association with the manufacturing and engineering industries, spanning across multiple generations.
The benefit of dealing with an organisation run by multiple generations is the quality and depth of information retained in the business. Headland has literally generations of real world data on what machinery is suited to what applications. More importantly, we have the long-term experience and service history for individual machinery and machinery brands. This allows us to recommend and specify manufacturing and engineering machinery with a degree of authority unequalled in Australia. This knowledge and experience has assisted our clients to innovate and maintain their competitive advantage.
Another benefit of dealing with a family owned business like ours is the enduring relationship we have with our clients and suppliers. We continually evolve to keep up with the changing needs of the market, our clients and their machines, however the fundamental values of the business have never changed.
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