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Get Packed Pty Ltd is a Sydney based packaging company and we supply throughout Sydney and Australia-wide a range of Industrial Packaging Materials and Packaging Machinery ranging from Shrink Wrapping Machines and Shrink Film through to general packaging materials.

We also supply Strapping and Strapping Machines, Pallet Wrappers and Pallet wrap and have an extensive range of Protective Packaging products including Instapak foam packaging, Jiffy Mailers, Bubble Wrap, EnviroBubble and much more. With a strong emphasis on customer service, our experience and diverse knowledge of packaging supplies and industrial machinery helps us to offer our customers the perfect packaging solution and makes us their preferred packaging partner for many Australian businesses.

Environmentally friendly product range

At Get Packed we realise that the environment is an extremely important issue and support this where we can. To this end we have introduced an Environmentally Friendly category of packaging which includes Envirobubble Bags and EnviroBubblewrap which has been made with up to 15% recycled content, Void Fill that is starch based (Bio-Fill) so will break down with water. We encourage customers to switch from Steel Strapping to Polyester Strap which has a high recycled component. We have Stretch Wrap Film and Shrink Film which are available in a lower gauge meaning less plastic waste but with increased in impact strength as well as puncture resistance. We are constantly looking for ways that Get Packed can help to do its bit for the environment.

Instapak Protective Packaging

We Supply the Instapak range of products which is one of the most revolutionary packaging material available. Instapak - Foam in place packaging conforms to any shape or product to offer the best protective packaging available.

Shrink films

Get Packed has an extensive range of Shrink Film in both centre fold and single wound which includes the Cryovac performance shrink film; Opti Shrink film as well as PVC shrinks film and PVC shrink sleeves.

Shrink Wrapping

Our Shrink Wrapping equipment starts at manual operations through to semi automatic and automatic shrink wrappers and Heat Shrink Tunnels.

Strapping Machinery and Equipment

Our strapping Machinery and equipment includes Strapping Kits in steel, plastic or PET with all that is required for a manual operation, or each item in the kits are sold individually. Get Packed has a complete range of strapping machines for use in the warehouse, or even hand held, cordless Zapak strapping machines /tools which can be used outside of the warehouse. 

Pallet Wrappers and Pallet Stabilization products

We are proud to supply Australian made Stretch film and Pallet Wrap. We also have a range of Pallet wrapping machines to a range of budgets. Get Packed also has a wide range of pallet stabilization & protection products such as top sheets, grip sheets, angle boards and pallet shrink bags.

Industrial Tapes

Get Packed’s ranges of Industrial Tapes including Packaging Tapes, Double Sided Tape, Transfer Tapes, Cloth Tapes, Filament Tapes and Custom Printed Tapes is sure to meet your requirements.

Some of our most popular products purchased on our online store

Clear Circle Stickers - Tamper proof stickers

Mailing Tubes

Black & White Padded Mailers

Vacuum Pouches

Glue Guns and Hot Melt Glue

Glue Dots

Strapping Kits

Rubber Bands

Jiffy Mailers

Polypropylene Resealable Bags

Comments from some of our customers:

  • "Thanks once again for many things: your great business acumen, keeping me up to date on my orders and your positive words. I wish your business all the best as you do mine"

  • "Super fast to reply with enquiry, super helpful and product arrived in just 2 days, amazing service and great product. Will definitely use in the future and pass on great reports"

  • "Been using these guys for 10 years and find them professional and reliable. Quick in processing/dispatch of orders and attentive to request for services of our lease equipment.

    Product quality is second to none. Not about to go anywhere else!"

  • "Thank You so much for your prompt reply and friendly service"

  • "Thanks for the efficient service!I just recommended you to a couple of associates who are about to need large amounts of tubes and packing for kickstarter project print sales."

  • "Legend"

  • "Thank you for organising the delivery of our recent order so quickly!"

  • "That was really quick. Package arrived a few minutes ago!"

  • "Thank you. Packaged arrived this morning. Fantastic service."

  • "Thanks again for the Awesome Service....."

  • "Thank you so much. Nice doing business with you."

We service and maintain all the equipment that we sell and guarantee the quality of our products.

Please Visit our website  for more information and let Get Packed be “Your Partner in Packaging”.

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